New Food & Wine

”The venue, food, pre-wedding bbq night were perfect and the proceedings seamless” Eloisa and Gianpiero

Calculate how many bottles of champagne are opened at an average wedding and multiply that by over 300 and you might get an idea of how many corks we have popped over the years throughout Europe…that’s a lot of bubbles!

A typical wedding menu begins with aperitifs followed by five or more courses with harmonising wines and spirits.

But your Love & Lord menu is never just typical.

It is always inspired. . .

. . . By you. By the virtuoso chefs we employ. By our supremely resourceful caterers. By our canny beverage selectors. And by your chosen European cuisine.

Whether your venue be in France, Italy, Spain or in any other gastronomic homeland, Love & Lord will conjure up a wedding feast imbued with the very finest local dishes.

That’s our proven recipe for an essentially delicious wedding experience.

So please talk to us about your favourite fare and together we’ll prepare a feast of distinctively sublime taste.