Advisory Service

The Ultimate Wedding Information Service

In over a decade of wedding planning, we’ve been asked countless questions and we are proud to say we know most, if not all, of the answers…

Now we have introduced a new service where you can get some of the Love and Lord expertise at a fraction of our full prices.

Love and Lord Advisory sessions is a small proportion of any wedding budget and a wise investment that ensures you receive the guidance you need to make the right decisions and save yourself time and money.


We have been through countless civil and religious proceedings in the UK and continental Europe and are familiar with the many and different town hall procedures.

Design & Styling
Let us help stimulate your creativity and guide it clearly towards a radiantly stylish wedding that shows your personality through beautiful décor and tables to stationery and floral displays.

Food & Wine
Love and Lord has a proven recipe for an essentially delicious wedding experience. Let us help you create the best culinary solutions to suit your guests, budget and taste buds!

Travel Implications
Inviting your guests to travel abroad for your wedding, with its implicit logistics, is often a daunting task.

Etiquette with Family and Guests
A significant part of your wedding planning process will be managing the bridal party, family politics and guest relations!

Ceremonies, Readings, Music and Vows
We’ve planned a myriad of ceremonies over the years; Symbolic, Humanist, Church of England, Catholic, Hindu, Jewish and Persian are just the beginning of the list.

Venues: Where, Why and How?
With regards to venues all over Europe and the UK, Love & Lord have years of knowledge from which you can benefit.

The possibilities are endless and sometimes getting the balance right to appeal to the wide range of guests at your wedding can be difficult.

Wedding List – Presents or Presence
Sometimes the old wedding list tradition isn’t really appropriate for you so speak to us about inspired solutions that will suit you both.