“We could not have dreamt the photographs would be so good and the best bit was how unobtrusively the shots were taken.”
Sarah and Dominic Willoughby

Thanks to digital technology, the scope, quality and professionalism of wedding photography have improved dramatically. Once again, Love & Lord are credited with being at the very forefront of this thrilling field.

Our photographers have delighted couples and guests with their flair, creativity and unfailing reliability. And for pictures that really move you, they will be equally talented as cameramen and camerawomen, shooting and editing sequences and albums for replay on TVs, Laptops, DVDs, iPlayers and all other digital media.

Uniquely, we don’t employ only traditional wedding photographers. To match the theme of your wedding and your personal ideas, we also engage experienced fashion photographers, photojournalists and even news (reportage) photographers who shoot in a variety of styles and formats.

As another special Love & Lord benefit, our photographers happily hand you the original digital files so there are none of the usual extra fees for copying portraits, albums, sequences and programmes. These memories are all yours to enjoy for lifetimes.