Hannah & William

Dear Anna

It is now a few months since our wonderful wedding, and we have been meaning to put pen to paper (or rather, fingers to keyboards) for a long time now, to thank you for all your help in putting the most wonderful day of our lives together for us. Our minds wander back to a wonderful spring day in Tuscany: with the family waking up and wandering outside to begin what would be an eventful trip, both to San Gimignano in two wonderful classic vehicles, and hopefully for us, for the trip of our lives! In truth, it is difficult to know where to begin when thinking about the whirlwind of those days: whether the weather, or whether the food; whether the wine, company, or whether the conversation, the cars, the flowers, the venue, the smiles, the gathering of friends and loved ones. It is a blur of memories that will live with us forever and we will no doubt remember snippets here and tidbits there in one, five, ten, and (hopefully) fifty years’ time!

But one thing will stand out: the gentle energy, delicate enthusiasm, smiling assertiveness and relentless willingness that you brought to the whole project. It feels trite to say we could not have managed to put on such a wonderful event without your help; perhaps we could have put something on, but it would have been nigh on impossible to deliver such a wonderful and intricate package on our own. From the welcome packs for the guests, to the name candles, to Sofia’s beautiful flowers, the decoration in the piazza, to the olive sprigs in the menus, your creativity, attention to detail and passion for the project permeated the whole event. For us, the signature you left on the wedding was very much your own: gentle, generous, and gracious to the last.

So thank you very much Anna for all your help – and your patience – in creating the event of our lives. We think it is fair to say that no one present will forget it for a long time – let alone the three of us. We are thrilled to have had the privilege of working with you, and hope we will have the chance to catch up again soon. Please do let us know if you are ever nearby Madrid, or indeed at any motorsport event in Europe… The chances are we shall be there, complete with our Porsche espresso cups!
We hope you have had a wonderful summer and hope to see you again very soon.

With our very best wishes and endless thanks

Hannah, William & Sofía


Dear Anna,

As far as I know all have returned home unscathed and fairly close to schedule from what was quite honestly the most monumental party I can remember. That’s not to say that others have been better and I am unable to remember – I have attended plenty that were good but became blurred I have to admit. This one was brilliant, I can recall every moment and fully expect to until natural causes interfere.

I don’t doubt that you will hear from Han and Will in due course and that they will be fulsome with their thanks and praise for the effort and acumen you added to ensure the event ran to plan.

I would like to add to this on behalf of all Hannah’s extended family. It really was a stunning weekend lacking totally anything brash or gaudy but veined throughout with style, panache and attention to detail. In my view you should take a lot of the credit for this and be very proud of the end result. Without your effort, cultured eye and unfailing charm and serenity it just could not have happened.

Well done, and thank you from a lot of rather tired but very happy people, who all really do appreciate what you achieved,

Tim (father of the bride)