Jade & Oliver

Italy held a special significance for the two of us as it is where we got engaged, consequently when we were thinking of wedding venues it seemed like the perfect choice for us. We both loved the idea of getting married abroad and Italy seemed to offer so much; stunning natural beauty; only a two hour flight from home; exquisite food and wonderful weather – the only problem was how were we going to plan the whole thing?!

One of our major concerns was that we would become so weighed down with bureaucracy and paperwork that all the fun and excitement would be lost, therefore we took the decision early on to enlist some help. We started researching on-line and came across the website – we liked the look of it immediately and also the fact that they were based in London, so we arranged a meeting shortly afterwards. We were instantly taken by their warmth, enthusiasm and professionalism, and were surprised to find that they could help us plan our dream wedding for an affordable price.

Over the next few months the team worked tirelessly to help us find the perfect setting for our wedding – not an easy feat given the number of guests we were planning on inviting and the fact that we wanted a Catholic ceremony, even though only one of us had been baptized (not to mention our terrible indecision)! They short-listed three venues and we flew out to Tuscany on a reconnaissance mission – it was an extremely well organized trip and a wonderful opportunity to genuinely get to know them on a personal level. We not only managed to settle on a stunning venue, but we also had a fun trip away.

We both lead such busy lives, so it really was invaluable having the team coordinating everything from our guests’ accommodation to a special lunch for my father’s birthday in such a calm and friendly manner. We couldn’t have done it without them all!

Our wedding day itself was perfect in every way – I think we both found it hard, in the run up to the wedding, to picture how all the many piece of the jigsaw puzzle would fit together, however we couldn’t have imagined a more beautiful day. We didn’t have to worry about a single thing apart from enjoying the celebration and making the most of each and every moment. It is a day we will truly treasure forever, so thank you from the bottom of our hearts.