Simon & Jane

My wife and I got married in Siena, Tuscany. It had always been our intention to tie the knot abroad and Italy had been on our short list along with some perhaps more obvious choices, such as the Caribbean and the Seychelles. We eventually chose Italy given its proximity for guests.

Getting married abroad has obvious planning issues such as organising venues, accommodation, catering, photography, flowers etc. and we didn’t know who to contact to help us with these arrangements.

After surfing the net one afternoon I stumbled upon the Love&Lord Web Site and immediately rang the number on the web page. After meeting with James and the team we were relieved to find a friendly, professional couple who had experience up their sleeve and all the contacts we needed for our dream wedding.

They put all our queries to rest and were able to provide us with a fantastic service including going out to our chosen location and viewing prospective venues for ourselves. This was a massive plus as we could see first hand what the area was like and were able to choose the best location for our wedding service, reception and accommodation.

One thing we didn’t realise was the amount of paperwork needed to be sent to Rome (as my wife is Australian). They took the hassle out of everything, handling all correspondence and avoiding any complications because they knew the exact procedure to go through.

Love and Lord always made themselves available for numerous meetings, where we could go over the finer details of the wedding. We had a very precise idea of the feel and look we wanted for our special day. We had gathered cut outs etc from magazines of the types of flowers, layout etc that we liked and were thrilled on the day that they had managed to recreate the exact theme that we had envisaged.

We had a week with guests before the wedding, staying at a Castello in the Tuscan region. Love & Lord were never far away and on hand for any queries or help. They were able to suggest great restaurants etc and excursions for our guests to do during their stay. The wedding ran smoothly due to their meticulous planning and time keeping. We got married in Siena in the town hall by the Lord Mayor. A stunning venue with Italian frescoes on the ceiling and walls! Our reception was back at the castle and the food surpassed all our expectations and is still talked about by our friends today! Canapés were enjoyed with a panoramic view of the Tuscan valley below and dinner was served under the stars in the castle courtyard.

It was a magical day made possible only by the enormous amount of organisation, hard work and attention to detail by Love & lord. We can’t thank them enough for all their effort in making our day perfect and anyone who chooses to use ‘Love&Lord’ will truly have the wedding they’ve always dreamt of!

Many thanks,

Mr and Mrs Simon Shaw MBE