Smeeta & Al

Smeeta had always dreamt of an outdoor wedding and with the English weather being so unpredictable we decided we’d search for a location abroad. We both love Italy and have visited the country many times together so it seemed the obvious choice, but neither of us had a clue where to start.

How do we find potential wedding venues? What paperwork is involved? How can we be sure we aren’t being ripped off? Will our wedding be legally recognised in the UK? If something goes wrong who do we turn to?

After several conversations I was tired of wedding talk and happy to revert to a UK wedding, fortunately Smeeta was determined. She continued to purchase every wedding magazine published and scour the internet for ideas until one day she stumbled across a press article about Love&Lord. It was clear these people were experts and their primary focus was to shoulder all the stress of the wedding, leaving the Bride to enjoy her big day. We visited their website which re-assured us further and two weeks later were sat around a table with James preparing a short-list of venues.

A month later we met James in Florence and spent two busy but very enjoyable days exploring Tuscany and getting a real feel for each of the venues on our short-list. Each of the locations was splendid so deciding on our perfect venue was extremely difficult but Love&Lord provided all the information we needed to make our decision. Eventually we chose to have a civil ceremony in the magnificent Palazzo Pubblico in Piazza del Campo and our formal Wedding celebration at a beautiful Chianti Villa.

From that moment onwards our primary wedding planner took care of everything. Smeeta was extremely busy as she was completing the final year of a PhD and I was generally useless, so without them we really wouldn’t have got anywhere.

Love&Lord took care of all the paperwork and were always available to offer advice on the few tasks left to us such as colour schemes, menus and guest lists. Consequently the build up was largely stress-free. We genuinely felt supported throughout and were able to get on with living our lives confident in the knowledge Love&Lord had everything under control.

As the Wedding approached we were invited for a tasting weekend to help us decide on our menu. On arrival we were warmly welcomed by the lovely staff at the villa. We were encouraged to eat and drink as much as possible and duly obliged, everything was delicious!

The wedding itself couldn’t have been better. Love&Lord were absolutely perfect and I can honestly say we had an entirely stress-free wedding. If anything did go wrong we were blissfully unaware. The villa was a naturally beautiful venue but was made to look even better on the day and our team of wedding planners had thought of and arranged everything. After a charming ceremony we enjoyed Prosecco and canapés as we admired the breathtaking views. We then enjoyed fabulous food, wine and speeches before a spectacular firework display and a slightly less spectacular first dance. The celebrations went on well into the night and we all had a fantastic time.

We are so pleased we found Love&Lord and are so very grateful for all their hard work.

We’d like to thank everyone at Love&Lord, in particular the “dream team” of planners.

“Grazie mille, perfetto, perfetto!”