Tania & Vinoy

Tania and I were married on our 11-year anniversary, and the important thing to me was that the wedding day would be as beautifully perfect a day as my patient bride-to-be deserved.

Upon first considering using wedding planners, I initially wondered whether our day would be treated as ‘just another wedding day’ on the assembly line, and whether we’d be ‘encouraged’ to choose the most simple options.

Our first meeting with Love & Lord put such fears to rest. Their enthusiasm and excitement was matched by a 100% commitment to tailoring the day specifically to the couple. She took time to fully understand Tania’s ideas and themes and vision for the event, ensuring she knew exactly the kind of day we hoped to create. Their huge range of contacts and broad experience of different styles of weddings enabled a completely flexible approach and they were very open to helping out with every request. They offered sound advice throughout the planning process to help us avoid unnecessary pitfalls, from letting guests arrange their own travel plans to urging us not to attempt to move house before the wedding.

In the Summer months before the wedding, we spent an intense weekend in Tuscany with James ferrying us to an array of alternate wedding locations and accommodation and catering options. We returned bubbling with excitement, having found our dream wedding venue, idyllic accommodation for all our guests and the best wedding caterers we’d ever sampled.

In addition to the navigation through the Italian legal system, the team were on hand to entertain all manner of bespoke requests. These included arranging for the florist to store 10 newly purchased fish bowls for the table settings, sourcing Technics record turntables for the DJ’s and arranging for the surprise anniversary present to my wife – a jaw-dropping firework display